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Friday, 27 December 2013

Latest Model Kerala style Triple door wooden front balcony window style-01

Latest Kerala Model Triple door wooden front side window design idea

New Kerala Model Triple door Car shed wooden front window design

Kerala Model Single door wooden window design

Kerala Model Triple door wooden front balcony window design

Kerala model wooden windows are always make a little difference among other model modern wooden designs. Why peoples like more Kerala style furniture and carving wooden designs the perfection of the design you can find anywhere in India. because the wooden are in furniture or wooden windows is a traditional mark of Kerala architecture.Number of qualified carpenters are worked for the above designs. the frame of the above window is made up of  konna (മലയാളത്തില്‍  കൊന്ന എന്ന മരം ). this wood is look like teak but this wood is cost effective. But the main fault for this wood is do the carving and other carpenter works while this wood completely dry other wise seasoning is required. this wood become harenening while it dry more and also the carpenter work become hard while it too dry.


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